We fuck and make up

Cash For Sex Tape 7 years ago 2 107 51 min
To be honest, this day didn't begin as good as it should have. We started arguing since early morning, and yes, I admit that it was my fault. I switched the camera on when Melena wasn't done yet with her make up and hairdo. She hates it when I shoot her like that, but I just wanted our video to be more real. Anyway, this is no excuse, I was wrong, and I ruined Melena's mood. So we didn't go anywhere and stayed home, where I devoted all night to apologizing and pleasing my honey. I sat next to her on the sofa and sneaked my hand down her shorts, fingering already oozing sweet pussy. When Melena started feeling horny, she immediately forgot our morning argument and let me polish her hole in all positions I put her in. Standing on all fours, she didn't give a shit about her hair and make up.