Romantic date by the pool

Cash For Sex Tape 6 years ago 5 160 64 min
So I finally managed to get the guy! It wasn't easy, cause he doubted if he should accept the money and everything. He didn't want to feel like a rent boy. So I decided to ask him on a romantic date and make him understand it wasn't all about money, but also about having fun, fucking like crazy, doing wild things, being our true selves in front of the camera. That is why I rented a nice place with a pool for our first real shooting. I lit candles, got naked and waited for him to join me. Eric was surprised, he didn't know I could be so romantic, and my hot rent-boy rewarded me in the best way possible! We had our first sex that night, and Chris filmed it on camera. Eric turned out to be the best sex partner I'd ever had in my entire life! He fucked me so hard I even started to bleed, but that was what I loved most!