How we see morning sex

Cash For Sex Tape 6 years ago 4 769 47 min
When we discussed our video material for the next season, Melena suggested that we should shoot the last clip in our favorite place in the city. The owner of this bar restaurant is a close friend of mine. I knew he would let us shoot there. We planned on sleeping till late at night before going there. But I couldn't sleep, watching half-naked Melena rolling on our bed. Her moves gave me a boner and I wasn't going to deal with it myself. Call me an asshole, but I had to wake her up so that she would suck me off. Blow job turned into fuck, one position turned into another... By night we got so exhausted... No, I'm not going to say “we decided to stay home”. I'm the man of my word, so I did what I promised my girlfriend to in the bar.