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Melena & Mike

About us:

We are one of those crazy couples you`ll remember for years. Why? Cause we are young and absolutely crazy! We don`t have any topics closed for discussion and Melena doesn`t have any holes barred for penetration ;) Just imagine – shooting anal couple sex porn for the first time and really enjoying it. She`s a sweetie! I really love her and she loves me. That`s fun for us to spend time and live together!

Rate Us:  4.3 (65 votes) Pretty Cool

Season 3:"More hot sex tapes from your favorite couple"

Episode 1: “Crazy amateur sex in a chic sauna”
Rating:  3.2 of 5 (4 votes)
Hey, I bet you're happy to see my hot gitlfriend and me again! Yeah, Melena and me are back with brand new sex tapes for you. You know, we haven't wasted any time since our previous season, and we filmed lots of new stuff for Cash for Sex Tape project. If you've seen our videos you know that our private porn is totally kick-ass, and if you haven't seen any before, well, it's time to get to know us! Anyway, this video was filmed in a sauna that we rented just for the two of us, and you'll see my gorgeous girl walking around naked, playing and seducing me. Eventually we fucked on a billiards table, and man, that was hot!

Episode 2: “My teen girlfriend initiates a public toilet fuck”
Rating:  3.3 of 5 (7 votes)
When Melena and me went for a walk that day we had no idea where we'd go and what we'd do. But we took our camera along, and I'm so happy we did! First my slutty girlfriend flashed her yummy booty in the street, but then we noticed somebody watching us from the window, so we had to leave. It was a cold day, so we went to a cafe to get warm and have a bite. And this is when Melena thought that we could film something special in the restroom. So we went there for a kick-ass girlfriend blowjob. After we finished our meal we got back to the restroom for more. After all, there's never too much couple sex for us!

Episode 3: “Amazing masturbation show from my hot girlfriend”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
I bet you're gonna love this sex tape! At least it's one of my favorites. I started filming Melena as she was reading some magazine, and as soon as she noticed me she put it away and started caressing herself. Damn, I instantly got rock-hard! My slutty girlfriend took her shorts off and fingered her wet pussy, moaning and looking at me seductively. I found a way to make this sex show even more exciting and brought her the Ben-Wa balls. Oh how she moaned when I pushed them in and out of her pussy! But soon I couldn't control myself any longer and fucked my girlfriend's oozing pussy. Enjoy this awesome homemade xxx video!

Episode 4: “My girlfriend gets super horny after watching porn”
Rating:  3.3 of 5 (6 votes)
Making our own private porn videos is awesome, but we also love watching porn films with professional actors. This is where we can get inspiration, and this is what makes my cute girlfriend incredibly horny and sex-hungry. Today she was in the mood to watch a new movie, but we didn't watch it till the end. In the middle of the action Melena turned the TV off, and I knew she was ready for something dirty. Our amateur fucking session was truly wild and mind-blowing! We did everything from pussy-eating to foot job, we fucked in any position possible, and our orgasms were so strong and hard! Oh, there's no use describing this, you gotta watch this sex tape with your own eyes.

Episode 5: “Raunchy girlfriend fuck in the kitchen”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
Wanna know how we shoot our homemade amateur porn videos? We have no script, no plans, we just turn the camera on and simply film our everyday life. As you can see, there's always something sexy happening :) Today I filmed my hot girlfriend getting dressed, and then I followed her to the kitchen, where the most interesting part of this couple sex video took place. It all started with Melena drinking some yoghurt, and she did it in such a sexy and sensual way, we both got horny right away. We fcuked on an old armchair, ann even though it was a little uncomfortable we loved this awesome amateur fucking session a lot.

Episode 6: “Kick-ass girlfriend blowjob after a good work out”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
In this private porn video you'll learn why me and my hot girlfriend look so good and fit. We go to the gym on a regular basis! That, and wild couple sex every day :) Anyway, in this sex tape we combined the two. First we went to the gym and just fooled around there, walking around and showing you what we usually do there. But you'd be bored as hell to see just our usual work out, and besides, we felt pretty horny, so we went to the restroom with our camera. I don't know if many sex lovers fuck in gyms like we did, but I swear you gotta try it too. There's nothing better than a good orgasm after working hard!

Episode 7: “Very sexy amateur fuck video”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
Melena and me loved fucking in a sauna so much that today we went there again. As usual, there were only the two of us, so we could do whatever we wanted without being disturbed. My slutty girlfriend wanted to fuck on a billiards table again, so this is where our sex tape starts. I banged her sweet pussy from behind, and it was awesome. Then we decided to try something else and went to a big leather couch. I must say that fucking there was much more comfortable, and we could have amateur sex in any position we wanted. Oh yeah, there's nothing like a steamy sauna fuck on a cold rainy day!

Episode 8: “My girlfriend's sex show with kinky toys”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
Yeah, I know, this is the third sex tape that we shot in a sauna for this season, but believe me, this time it's gonna be something really special! We prepapred very well, even bought some new sex toys for this episode. Anyway, it all starts with Melena's mind-blowing strip show, and then she plays with those sex toys, teasing and provoking me. Oh yeah, my cute blonde girlfriend knows how to blow my mind! Soon I couldn't handle this boner anymore, so I placed the camera and joined her on the stairs for the wildest couple sex ever. Our amateur fucking was so unbelievably hot and steamy, I bet this episode will be your favorite!

Members comments (1)

wweerrtt_4384 (Jul 15,2014)

Mike gave a hot spred asscheek scene.


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